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"For a moment we’re frozen, sizing each other up, our weapons, our skill. Then Finnick suddenly grins. ‘Lucky thing we’re allies. Right?’"

This arena is a clock

This arena is a clock

hey Katniss just hold my hand for like 20 minutes okay 

hey Katniss just hold my hand for like 20 minutes okay 

A second set of Hunger Games valentines! If anyone really wants them, you can mail me and I’ll put them in my etsy! 

Hunger Games Valentines cards I made! You can buy them here if you feel so inclined. 

Cut Out Request #35 - The Crowning Ceremony

"President Snow gives it a twist and separates it into two halves. He places the first around Peeta’s brow with a smile. He’s still smiling when he settles the second on my head, but his eyes, just inches from mine, are as unforgiving as a snake’s" 

Cut Out Request #31 - Characters from Catching Fire

I had a lot of requests for various characters from the book, so here you go!

Teeny tiny Hunger Games portraits! Each is roughly two and a half inches tall.

A Katniss Paper Doll

Included is : Katniss, the Reaping dress, the fire dress, and her arena clothes

Cut out and enjoy!