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Oct 01

heyanniebrown said: Dear Beth--Thank you for posting that Quizilla, one of the great websites of our generation, is now no longer. It is my sincerest hope that you were able to determine which Spice Girl you are before midnight occurred. Wishing you the best.

I did get to find out!


I also found out which rock star I will marry. I miss you so much, Quizilla

Sep 30

I still can’t believe Quizilla is gone at midnight. I will be spending time taking quizzes in order of importance to me, starting with the age old question : Which Spice Girl are you?

Sep 24


Sep 23

do you vaguely tolerate me but also have a passion for the eurovision song contest

excellent news, because you can follow my tumblr undomysads, where i will probably exasperate everyone with an internet connection with my love for the contest, with endless babbles about semi finals, costumes, and performances

spoiler alert : you will find out my favorite nul point performance of all time

Sep 21


Sep 20

A few years ago I wrote about how I bought Beck’s album Odelay from a dollar bin, and when I opened it some pizza coupons that expired in 1998 fell out. Well, today I opened the CD to look at the linear notes, and out popped a t-shirt transfer of the album cover.

This CD is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Sep 17

some doodles of little bugs

some doodles of little bugs

Sep 16

Sep 15

I was reaching for my anti-anxiety medication on my desk, but picked up craft glue instead, and I feel like this says a lot about me