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Sep 22

katarisaurus said: Is everything sold out already? I don’t see anything on Etsy :(

I’m sold out at the moment (thank you everyone!!) but there should be more comic books with individual doodle covers coming soon. There might be some more necklaces too, but they would be different than what was for sale this time around. A few other things might pop up for sale too! I’ll be sure to post something here when they are available. 

Sep 21


Sep 20

A few years ago I wrote about how I bought Beck’s album Odelay from a dollar bin, and when I opened it some pizza coupons that expired in 1998 fell out. Well, today I opened the CD to look at the linear notes, and out popped a t-shirt transfer of the album cover.

This CD is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Sep 17

some doodles of little bugs

some doodles of little bugs

Sep 16

Sep 15

I was reaching for my anti-anxiety medication on my desk, but picked up craft glue instead, and I feel like this says a lot about me 

Sep 14

Sep 10


Sep 09

so I start a mental health program and all of a sudden I can draw?!? for the first time since May?!? 
apologies for the scan quality

so I start a mental health program and all of a sudden I can draw?!? for the first time since May?!? 

apologies for the scan quality

Aug 11

On Robin Williams

When I wanted to kill myself, it was three days before Christmas. I found myself at the hospital, in a room with no windows and a locked door. Sometime well after midnight, a social worker came in. She asked me questions about my history of mental health, my family, friends, work, bowel movements, hopes, aspirations – you name it. For some reason she took an interest in the fact I make comics. I explained that I was having trouble managing it all, and was currently in a blinding, all consuming depression. 

“You know,” she said “Robin Williams has had his share of hardships with mental illness, and he found a way to do things and work. Have you seen Good Will Hunting?”

“Yeah” I said.

“Have you seen Dead Poets Society?”


“So he found a way to make them and balance work, family, and all those things. The scale of it might change over time, but he made it work.”

She took some more notes, we chatted, and she left, and I laid beneath the halogen lights thinking about Robin Williams. It must have been a lot of work to make that many movies, to do that many tours, to win that many awards, and to be that famous. Doing it all and still fighting personal demons.

I eventually got out of the hospital. Finding reasons to live every day was tough. I spent Christmas with my family, smoking unfiltered cigarettes in the sub zero weather with my brother. The days passed, and I spent more time with doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, anyone to keep me going. And I kept going.

Robin Williams stuck around in my mind.

To me, he was the ultimate success – someone who has personal demons, problems, and issues – and found a way to keep achieving things. I wanted to emulate him, from the standpoint of being extraordinarily talented and driven while dealing with your issues. And being genuinely funny along the way. Sometimes on tough days, I had to remind myself that he did all these things despite his personal setbacks, and it pushed me to move onward.   

Mr. Williams, I hope you’re in a better place and doing alright. You’ve touched the lives of many, and you most definitely touched the life of a scared, depressed girl in the hospital last winter.

O captain, my captain