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May 26

May 25

I ran into an old friend from high school today. It was kind of awkward, as we were both in the middle of exercising, but it was nice to see him. It had been about five years or so, and he hadn’t seen me since I had been a manic pixie girl.

Emphasis on manic, please.

He caught me up on things in his life, but soon gave me the dreaded question “So what have you been doing since high school?”

I decided to be honest. “Oh, I’ve been bouncing around with some mental health issues for a bit” 

I explained about cartoons, posting them here, and selling comics, with emphasis on how this turned into a cathartic output for me. They’re so tied together these days anyway. And honestly, there was no use in me lying and saying “Oh, community college is fantastic!” when I dropped out because I was hospitalized yet again.

We chatted for a bit about me bluntly admitting I’m bipolar. He gushed about how great it is that I’m open about it, and how people never talk about these things. I’m really glad his reaction was so positive, but I worried a bit, even though I know him as a person and know he would never be mean about something like that. I understand not everyone is going to be open about their health, and I think I would still think twice before telling a perfect stranger about my bipolar disorder (in a non medical setting) 

I’m bipolar. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it is a part of me. It affects me on a daily basis, and unfortunately can guide and dictate my life at times. And covering it up is exhausting. I don’t want to play that game anymore. If little by little these interactions with people get better and better, then I know I’m making progress.

May 19

May 18

May 17

I got all my hair cut off almost a week ago and I am STILL wearing three hair ties on my wrist

May 12

lilacliquorr said: Wow you watched Eurovision? I didn't know non-Europeans watched it too. Awesome doodles ^^

I have family in the UK, so I’ve been in the loop, but this was the first year I joined the party. I’m glad I did!

(also thank you!)

May 11

inked and colored all my Eurovision doodles!

inked and colored all my Eurovision doodles!


I was live drawing the Eurovision last night! 


I was live drawing the Eurovision last night!